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ST310 Series Vector Frequency Inverter 11KW 380V 50Hz 60Hz AC Three Phase Gray

Basic Information
Place of Origin: GuangDong China
Brand Name: STABLECU
Certification: CE
Model Number: ST310-4T0.75GB
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Payment Terms: D/P, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100PCS/day
Warranty: 18 Months Size: 80mm*185.8mm*174.5mm
Customized: YES Material: ABS*PC
Color: Huawei Gray Type: AC Frequency Inverter
Control Mode: V/F Control Application: Industry
High Light:

ST310 Vector Frequency Inverter 11KW


ST310 Series Vector Frequency Inverter


11KW vector VFD drive ST310

St310 Series 11KW 380V Variable Inverter 50Hz 60Hz AC Three Phase VFD VSD Gray


Introduction of  Frequency converter(VFD)

Variable-frequency Drive (VFD) is a power control device that uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control ac motors by changing the frequency of the motor's working power supply. The inverter is mainly composed of a rectifier (AC to DC), filter, inverter (DC to AC), brake unit, drive unit, a detection unit, and micro-processing unit. Inverter by internal IGBT off to adjust the voltage and frequency of the output power supply, according to the actual needs of the motor to provide the required power supply voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving, speed regulation, in addition, the inverter has a lot of protection functions, such as over-current, over-voltage, overload protection and so on.

Product features of frequency inverter

Structural design Advantages:
1. Independent heat dissipation air duct, on the one hand, can effectively prevent external dust, oil pollution, and other pollution into the internal, causing PCB, components and other corrosion short circuit faults, on the other hand, can play a very good heat dissipation effect, reduce the damage of corrosive gas to products, improve product stability.
2. Using 4-layer precision PCB board and a new generation of IGBT module technology, and mostly using IC integrated electronics.
3. The volume of the new generation inverter is smaller, and the weight is lighter, saving installation space, saving transportation costs.
Software Design Advantages:
1. The latest HIGH-SPEED TI DSP chip is selected, and the control software with independent intellectual property rights is used to maximize the software and hardware characteristics, which makes the motor run statically in various application environments.
2. New wave-by-wave current limiting control algorithm, current and voltage control stability, to ensure the frequency converter in the limit condition of failure-free operation.
3. Brand new current, voltage, control algorithm, plus unique excitation current control, to ensure the motor fault free fast start and stop.
4. New motor model, low-frequency motor running speed is stable, torque is large, current control is accurate, no-fault stop, high frequency running motor speed is stable, the current is small.
5. New software speed tracking algorithm, tracking current, voltage impact is small, accurate tracking speed.
6. Carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted with frequency conversion temperature and operating frequency to ensure reliable operation under the condition of low-temperature rise of frequency conversion.
7. The highest frequency of the standard machine is 3000HZ, which can meet the requirements of multi-purpose processing, Can realize a variety of frequency switching use.
8. Super overload capacity, 150% 60S,180% 10S,200% 0.5S
9. Default one set of motor parameters, can be customized multiple sets of motor parameters, can drive different types of motor.
10. Four times of fault parameter record, record the detailed state of the inverter when the fault occurs in detail, and record the maximum current, maximum voltage, and maximum temperature during the operation of the inverter, which is convenient for analysis and treatment after the fault occurs.
11. Complete machine protection function(including Overcurrent and overvoltage protection, short circuit protection to the ground is over, IGBT pass-through protection, Protection against abnormal current detection, Relay pull in abnormal protection functions).
12. Perfect power protection function(Control board terminal 24V, 10V, analog output AO1/AO2 power short circuit and overload protection)
13. Wide voltage design: meet international standards, including Europe, North America, India, and other 380-480V three-phase grid requirements.
Hardware Design Advantages:
1. Panel knob adopts encoder knob, high-speed precision, stable speed, long service life.
2. The operation panel adopts the latest design idea, which makes disassembly and installation more convenient and reliable.
3. Standard network ports are used to connect the control board and operation panel. Signal transmission speed is high and the distance is long.
4. One communication port 485, supports Modbus protocol, RTU mode
5. The heat dissipation fan adopts temperature control to ensure effective heat dissipation and prolong the fan life.
6. The fan partition is removable and can be pulled out directly. Easy for users to carry out daily maintenance. Thus extending the service life of the machine.
7. Choose the cooling fan with long life and large air volume, effectively reduce the temperature rise of frequency converter, and ensure the reliable and stable operation of products.
8. The wiring terminal is designed to be a pull-out partition, which is convenient to install when wiring. After connecting the
line, insert the partition board, and evenly divide the line class.
9. The bottom of the low-power machine is equipped with the installation size drawing, and the whole series is equipped with the mounting hole position of 1/1 proportion paper shell template, so as to achieve more convenient and fast installation of electric cabinet.

Other models of frequency converter

Items Number Voltage(V) Power(KW) Input current(A) Output Current(A) Braking resistor Power(KW) Braking resistor Resistance(Ω) Remark
ST310-2T0.75GB 3 Phase 220V±10% 0.75 5.0 3.8 150 250( ≧100) BUILT-IN
ST310-2T1.5GB 1.5 6.0 5.5 300 200(≧100)
ST310-2T2.2GB 2.2 10.5 9.0 800 100(≧75)
ST310-2T3.7GB 3.7 10.5 9.0 800 100(≧75)
ST310-2T5.5GB 5.5 20.5 17 1500 50(≧ 75)
ST310-2T7.5GB 8 35 30 2000 40( ≧25)
ST310-2T11GB 11 50 45 5000 30(≧16)
ST310-2T15G 15 65 60 6000 20(≧16} OPTIONAL
ST310-2T18.5G 18.5 80 75 9000 16(≧10)
ST310-2T22G 22 95 91 9000 13(≧10)
ST310-2T30G 30 118 112 11KW 10(≧8)
ST310-2T37G 37 80 75 9000 16(≧10)
ST310-2T45G 45 95 91 9000 13(≧10)
ST310-2T55G 55 192* 210 22KW 5(≧3.3)

More images of frequency ocnverter

ST310 Series Vector Frequency Inverter 11KW 380V 50Hz 60Hz AC Three Phase Gray 0
ST310 Series Vector Frequency Inverter 11KW 380V 50Hz 60Hz AC Three Phase Gray 1
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