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What are the environmental requirements for inverter installation?

April 30, 2022

1. The temperature and humidity of the inverter installation environment are ≤70%; the temperature is -10°--40°C; the altitude is ≤2000m; The inverter should be derated by 1%, and the maximum should not exceed 4600m.


2. The inverter installation site should meet the following conditions:

1) No corrosion, flammable and explosive gas, liquid.

2) No dust, floating fibers, and metal particles

3) The installation foundation is firm and free from vibration.

4) Avoid direct sunlight.

5) No electromagnetic interference.


3. Inverter installation space and heat dissipation

The inverter will heat up during operation, and the inverter is equipped with a cooling device to force air cooling. In order to make the cooling cycle effective, the inverter must be installed vertically, and the adjacent items and baffles (walls) must be kept enough. space.


If multiple inverters are to be installed in the same device or control box, in order to reduce the thermal influence between them, it is recommended to install them in parallel horizontally. If it must be installed up and down, in order to prevent the heat from the lower part from affecting the inverter on the upper part. Please install partitions, etc.


If the top of the box (cabinet) is equipped with an induced draft fan, the air volume of the induced draft fan must be greater than the sum of the air output from the frequency converters in the box (cabinet). No induced draft fan is installed. The top of the box (cabinet) body should be opened as much as possible. When it cannot be opened, the bottom and top of the box (cabinet) body must retain the air inlet and outlet, and the wind resistance of the air inlet and outlet should be as small as possible. If the inverter is installed on the wall of the control room, the control room should be well ventilated and not closed.